“Flatbeds and Tailfins Concert Series” 


The Music Events we host are moving to the Marshall Community Center Auditorium in Marshall Virginia beginning as soon as it’s safe to do so ! !

We have already hosted two shows there previously, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL VENUE ! !

Check These Out ! !



As for the name…

When we operated our Retail Store in Remington Virginia we came up with this name to highlight the era’s we specialized in, 1930’s-1960’s.

The “Flatbeds” part pertained to the beginning of that era (1930’s-40’s), a time when everyone worked hard and the trucks they drove were worked just as hard. These trucks were flatbed trucks (particular style that still dominates trucks used for work today). Times were tough and the people and the vehicles they drove were too, a very utilitarian era.

The “Tailfins” part pertained to the ending of that era (1950’s-60’s) where our nation prospered and finer things were introduced into the average household.  Luxury cars were being driven, and cars with Tailfins were King ! !

This era of the 1930’s-1960’s reached into every aspect of our business. We had actual items that were in the homes of that era, and earlier, as well as new items of the same style. That included our selection of musical instruments, and even the music events we hosted in our own on-premise Theatre dedicated as “Jewel’s Jukebox Theatre”.  The start of that era was predominantly Acoustic/Bluegrass instruments. Then Electric Guitars like Chuck Berry played were popular throughout the 1950’s. The era ended with guitars like The Beach Boys would have used.

So the name of our retail business, and our theatre, were the embodiment of that era, from music, to automobiles, to the furnishings in the homes of that time and place.  A time when America stood strong, proud, and by the grace of God built the foundation for the times we enjoy now ! !

Since Closing our Retail Store to focus solely on promoting Live Music Events we are able to bring you the very best Talent we can from Local to National Acts ! !  We will soon be utilizing the Marshall Community Center Theatre (pictured above) for our “Flatbeds and Tailfins Concert Series”.  The Theatre is located on the Marshall Community Center Campus at 4133 Rectortown Rd Marshall Virginia.

Thank you all for your continued support, We Hope To See You At The Shows ! !

God Bless,

Carter and Jewel